Eta Eta Chapter

College of Idaho

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Chapter Officers

Hayley Morse

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Hayley is currently is in her senior year at the College of Idaho and is majoring in Literature in English, with minors in Natural Sciences, Spanish, Teaching English as a Second Language. Along with being the CEO of Eta Eta she is also a Lead Ambassador of the Student Ambassador Council, a member of of the Rotaract Club, and a Thrower on the Track and Field Team! Her Favorite thing about The would be "knowing that I will always have a source for empathy. No matter what I'm going through, I'll always have at least one sister that will say "I've been through that and I totally understand what you're going through". I know I can get through anything now because I have 29 of my role models who have experienced similar things!"

Noelle Quong-Peck

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Hailey Moore

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Hailey is a senior with a Religious Studies major at The College of Idaho. While being the COO she is also the president of The Arabic Hebrew Club on campus. Haileys favorite thing about Theta is her wonderful family, of whom brings her joy every day.

Charisse Quintana

Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

My major is psychology and my minors are Spanish, criminal justice, and physical education. I love theta because it cause given some of the most amazing friends and sisters I could ever ask for. Joining theta was by far the best decision I made in college and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Being CEdO for two years has truly brought so much light into my life and made me love ritual more than I ever thought was possible.

Hannah Giesbrecht

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Hannah is currently in her junior year at the College of Idaho and is majoring in Business with a Social Entrepreneurship Concentration with minors in religion, psychology, and physical education. While being the CFO for Eta Eta she also is the Co-Captain and Treasurer of the Cheer team, and is a member of Enactus Club, Rotaract Club, Student Philanthropy Council, and Campus Ministries. The thing she loves most about Theta is the support system that the organization has given her, along with the lifelong friends that she can always count on.

Madelyn Memmelaar

Chief Recruiting Officer (CRO)

Madelyn is currently a junior at the College of Idaho and is majoring in psychology with minors in natural science, philosophy, and human services. While being CRO for Eta Eta, in the community she is also a delegate for Greek Council on campus, and is a member or both Lions Club and Rotaract Club. Her Favorite think about Theta, is that no matter what you are going through in life, you always have 30 other women that will have your back and support you.

Kaitlyn Parks

Chief External Affairs Officer (CEAO)

Kaitlyn is currently in her senior year at the College of Idaho and is double majoring in international Political Economy and History with minors in Natural Sciences, Religious Studies, and Business Administration. While she is the CEAO of Eta Eta she also is involved within the campus community and is a member of Judicial Board, Student Philanthropy Council, Rotaract Club, Young Republicans Club as well as works for the school as the Student Philanthropy Coordinator for the Boone Fund. One of the things she has loved most about Theta was getting the opportunity to learn and study abroad with so many of her sisters. "Getting the chance to leave home behind doesn't feel as lonely when you get to experience all these new and incredible things with women that are so close to your heart. Having the opportunity to travel with these women is nothing short of incredible as it enhances your experiences there but also the relationship you have once you come home."

Alexandra Runnoe

Events Director

Alex is currently a senior at the College of Idaho and is a Health and Human Performance Major with minors in Psychology, Human Services, and Visual Arts. While she is the events director she also is heavily involved on campus and is the President of Greek Council. the President of Student Philanthropy Council, part of Program Council, and is a staff member in the Development office as the Boone Fund Assistant. Her favorite thing about Theta "is the love and support that I can give and recieve from being sisters with so many strong and beautiful women."

Ali Longoria

Scholarship Director

Ali is currently in her senior year at C of I and will be graduating in May as a Health Science major with minors in philosophy, psychology, and health professions studies with pre-med emphasis. Along with being scholarship director I am on the softball team, president of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, Vice Chair of the CCC athletic advisory committee, member of pre-health club, and work as a residence assistant. My favorite thing about Theta is knowing that no matter where I turn there is someone there by my side through the dark battles and someone there to share my success and joy with. I have 29 beautiful sisters that are my forever friends!